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Alec has been a Security Engineer at a “Magestic 7” company since November of 2023. He has roughly 15 years in IT and more than 12 in cybersecurity professionally, with employers including Boeing, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, NCC Group, Micron, Delta Dental of Idaho, and T-Mobile. His background spans incident response, malware analysis, reverse engineering, penetration testing, cyber intelligence, security research, and cybersecurity strategy and leadership. He also has extensive experience with OpenAI, LLMs, and their use in security engineering, automation, and in support of neurodivergence.

In his free time, he continues to contribute his cybersecurity and technical skills. He is the former, interim-Vice President on the board of Directors for FBI InfraGard’s Idaho State Chapter, a United States Marine Corps Cyber Auxiliarist, and is Treasurer on the Board of Directors, and former Director of Security for the Police Data Accessibility Project in addition to contributing where he can in security research, bug bounties, and providing pro-bono guidance to friends in many industries.

Alec is also a staunch supporter of neurodivergence and neurodiverse inclusion and accommodation, especially as a neurodivergent person himself.

If you are interested in Alec sharing his experience within the realms of AI/LLMs and their use in security engineering and/or neurodivergence, or would like him to present or lecture on a subject, please email me(at)alecakin.com.

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